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In today’s world, a more significant number of people work non-standard schedules. These new schedules can be anything from weekends and early mornings to completely nocturnal. Most alternative lifestyles are easy to plan for and work well with standard home designs, but overnight living requires some extra design work and planning. This article contains some tips to make your backward schedule easier on your body and your daytime family if you have one. 

Design Ideas to Help You Sleep

One of the first things you need to do is invest in full-coverage blackout curtains and curtain rods. Full coverage curtain rods curve around the outside of the window instead of just going straight across. This allows the curtain to wrap around the window and touch the wall on both sides, blocking the majority of the light from outside. You can improve the ability to hinder light even further by attaching snaps or Velcro to the edges of the curtains and the wall and securing the curtain flat along the sides of the window. Getting the right curtains is necessary. You can double up on usefulness by getting insulated blackout curtains that block both light and temperature, helping keep your cooling and heating costs down.

Keeping Up the Sleep Cycle

It's essential to have clear “going to bed” and “waking up” routines that you use every day to keep yourself on track. Doing the same activities each morning before you go to sleep will help create and maintain habits in your brain, telling it that its time to increase your natural melatonin levels. In the evening when you wake up, having a similar waking up routine can help your brain increase your cortisol or “wake-up hormone” levels. 

You can manage your sleep and waking hormones artificially as needed, especially if your schedule changes regularly, by using taking low doses of melatonin 1-2 hours before you want to go to sleep. Taking a dose of melatonin tells your body its time to start producing it. Between the synthetic melatonin and your body’s natural production, you can manage your own sleep cycle and switch it up as needed by just changing what time you take the melatonin.

Maintaining Relationships and Health

It's critical to ensure that if you have daytime family members or other relationships, you are awake for at least some daytime hours to maintain those relationships. This is where artificially adjusting your sleep schedule really comes in handy. It's also necessary to keep your Vitamin D levels high enough. One of the riskiest parts of being an overnight worker is that you don’t get enough sunlight to create enough Vitamin D for your body. You can efficiently resolve this by ensuring you take high doses of Vitamin D regularly. If you are concerned about taking high dose vitamins without the input of a doctor, you can get exactly the right amount by asking your healthcare professional for a blood test to determine your current levels.

Shopping for the right home to support your overnight lifestyle can be tricky. Make sure to let your real estate agent know about your overnight needs to get the best property for your lifestyle.

Each year, Remodeling Magazine gathers data from nearly 150 markets on the average cost for 21 of the most popular home improvement or remodeling projects. Along with the expenses, they tally the resale amounts of those home in 100 markets in the United States to compare the cost versus the resale value of those improvements.

Each year, as compiled in the Remodeling 2018 Cost vs. Value Report, the researchers share the mid-range and upscale trends from the prior year, and which gave the most return on investment (ROI) for the homeowner.

Here are the highlights from 2018

Top prize for ROI goes to the upscale garage door replacement with nearly 100 percent return for most regions. Other items appearing near the top of the list include mid-range steel entry-door replacements and adding a manufactured stone veneer to your exterior. Farther down the list are the usual suspects, with a minor kitchen remodel and wood deck addition (mid-range) in the lower eighties.

While updating a bath continues to be promoted as a big-seller with a mid-range remodel just over 70 percent, both a mid-range and major upscale kitchen remodels net just above half of the cost and as do bathroom additions in both categories.

View the charts at Remodeling to review region-specific information where the contenders resort according to the local region and city-specific data. Regional price differences in both materials and labor costs; and home sales pricing affect the percentages of return, so the top three or four may change positions in your region. 

The idea that a remodel or upgrade ROI never tops 100 percent may be shocking for home-sellers looking to recoup their expenditures. Remember, however, that what constitutes a dollar for dollar return does not factor in what can mean a higher return for you. If your remodeled bathroom or new artistic garage door speeds up the sale time so that you're not trying to make two mortgage payments while you wait for a home to sell, your personal return is more valuable to you than just the selling price over remodeling cost. And, if you've lived in the house after the remodel and enjoyed its benefits personally, the ROI is incalculable by statistical standards.

If you plan to place your home on the market, review the Cost vs. Value Report for your region and city before undertaking significant additions or improvements. Then, consult a realtor specializing in your neighborhood to see what trends may improve the bottom line for your home.

Many times, it’s the quick projects around your home that make the biggest difference. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your home. Without the right lighting, the entire mood of a room can be offset by the poor ambient quality. Lights are practical and help work on our emotions in the most subtle ways. Here, we’ll show you some of the updates that you can make to the lighting in your home that you may have never thought of. Kitchen Many kitchens have only one source of lighting. If the kitchen is short on windows that bring in outside light, this single-source lighting can be an even bigger problem. Try under cabinet lighting to illuminate countertops and preparation areas. This is great for not only safety, but to bring more light into the room in a unique way. Bathroom There's nothing creepier in the bathroom than strange shadows. That’s where recessed lighting comes in. You also don’t need to apply makeup in the wrong way due to poor lighting. Having lights available in several areas of the bathroom will make getting ready in the morning easier. Proper lighting will also make showering safer and less like a horror film! Bedroom The bedroom is perhaps the simplest room of the house to light. You’ll need lights by the bed for reading and other tasks. Usually wall mount fixtures work best for these purposes. They make great task lights and also look fantastic on the wall as part of your bedroom’s decor. As a bonus, lights on the wall will create less clutter in the home. Dining Area Look for task lights and lamps for your buffet to brighten your dining room. Try adding lighting fixtures in places where you’ll be doing a lot of task-focused activities. Aim for more recessed lighting over the dining table so guests won’t feel that they have the spotlight on them. Living Spaces In shared environments, lamps that are easily made portable can work best. This is simply because people tend to forget a lamp that’s tucked in the corner somewhere. It’s also a plus to put your lamps on timers. If you know that you get home at 7 PM every evening, set the timer so that you walk into a bight, inviting home and not a dark one. Highlight Things In The Room It’s always a great way to light a darker corner by placing lights over a plant or a painting. This helps to highlight the decorative aspects of the room even in the dark.

Stuck in a rut? Consider giving your house a stylish makeover. Unlike total upgrades,makeovers can be finished in a single day. In fact, some house makeovers don't cost a cent. If you're ready to refresh your home, check out these home makeover ideas.

Walls that pop - Hang framed portraits of relatives and friends on a wall in your den. Don't just hang the pictures.Put each picture in a different colored or different size frame. If you're feeling especially gutsy, paint the wall an attention grabbing yellow, orange,blue or green. This wall pickup works well with children's playrooms too.

Double up in the bedroom - Grab bolts,washers and a drill. Get support beams, slats and safety rails. Get ready to turn your children's twin beds into bunk beds. Add a ladder, so your children sleeping on the top bunk can easily climb in and out of bed. Decorate the space where the other twin bed formerly was with a rustic chest. Fill the trust with your children's toys.

Lay new carpet - This simple home makeover will make your entire house feel different. For weeks, you might feel as if you bought a new house or had another room added onto your existing home.To save money, shop at discount carpet stores. You can also save by getting the carpet from a wholesaler.

Re-purpose your basement - Desire for more space is a leading reason why couples move into bigger houses. But, you may not have to buy a larger house if you clear old furniture, old clothes and boxes out of your basement. Donate the goods to a charity that serves people living in your community. Use your basement as a play room, family room or home office. All you need is a sofa, two chairs, bookcase and rugs. Place furniture in your basement as if you were furnishing your upstairs family room. Add in an office desk if you're converting your basement into a home office. Decorate the space with plants, family pictures and framed motivational quotes.

Rearrange living room furniture - Move your living room sofa away from the window. Put it against an opposite long wall. Add new upholstery to living room chairs.

Take advantage of craft stores - Visit craft stores in search of items like elegant silk flowers, hand woven baskets and wreaths. String colorful, silk ribbon through wreaths. Hang a self-decorated wreath on your house's front door. Place a crystal vase or handwoven basket filled with elegant silk flowers on your coffee tables and bathroom counter tops.

Wallpaper works  wonders - Line your bathroom walls with decorative wallpaper. Think seashells, black and white etchings and turtles.

True. You spend a lot of time at work. You also spend a lot of time at home. Whether you realize it or not (like work), your home influences your mood, attitude and your energy. Give yourself a boost by refreshing your house, particularly rooms that you spend the most time in.

Want to show the full potential of your home's garage to prospective homebuyers? Embark on a garage renovation journey – you'll be happy you did! With the right garage improvements, you'll be able to maximize the storage space at your disposal and make your house more attractive to homebuyers as well. So what does it take to transform your garage into a wonderful storage space? Here are three garage improvement tips that every home seller needs to know: 1. Declutter Immediately. Remember the old car parts, broken tennis racket and other clutter that fills your garage? Now is a perfect time to get rid of it, especially if you want to improve your chances of selling your home and free up space in your garage simultaneously. Decluttering your garage can be simple, particularly for a home seller who is focused on showing homebuyers just how much space his or her garage has to offer. Remember, one person's junk is another's treasure, and you may be able to sell some of the items in your garage online or as part of a yard sale. On the other hand, you can dispose of broken items in your garage, or you may be able to donate various items in your garage to a charitable organization. 2. Use All of the Garage Storage Space That Is Available. Don't be afraid to think outside the box to use all of the storage space in your garage. For instance, did you know that you can use ceiling hooks to hang a bike or canoe in your garage? That's right, and this creative use of storage space might help you optimize all of the garage space that is available. In addition, many home improvement retailers sell innovative storage solutions that you can use to maximize your garage storage space. And with state-of-the-art garage storage solutions like slatted hooks, you should have no trouble storing a wide range of items in your garage at all times. 3. Keep Your Garage Neat and Clean. Like every room in your home, your house's garage can make a difference in the eyes of homebuyers. Thus, you'll want to make it a neat, clean area, one that may help you generate interest from homebuyers. Ensuring anyone can enter and exit your garage easily is paramount. Furthermore, you may want to show homebuyers that your garage is capable of holding multiple cars and should try to highlight the ample amount of space it offers. Garage improvements usually offer substantial return on investment (ROI), particularly for a home seller who is operating on a budget. These repairs may enable you to enhance the appearance of your home without breaking the bank, and ultimately, speed up your chances of selling your residence. Take another step toward generating significant interest in your residence by embarking on a garage improvement journey. By completing the right garage repairs in a timely manner, you'll be better equipped to maximize the value of your house and spark interest among many homebuyers.